This is a multiviewer which includes a complete analyser able to  check the bitstream conformity while datas being decoded and broadcast in real-time.

Thanks to this tool, the operators are able to visualise all programmes in process, while the system checks every bit of every programme to ensure their conformity.

Telesight also allows to mix different types of entries and is configured in a very flexible way the better to answer the users’ needs.


It makes it possible for the users to “see everything”, with an immediate access to the smallest element in the compression standards used.

It allows to deal with HD and digital media volumes produced in a heart beat, quickly identifying and solving the problems.


Business transition to digital contents has resulted in huge waste of time and energy during the treatment of buggy contents.

These problems are unavoidable without tests at different levels in the database.

Each file should go through AutoCheck once modified, to ensure that the wrong files